Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art + Nature + Technology

1. Is cloning animals a form of art?

2. Is nature alone art? Wouldn't this be based on the viewer's own perception? What's the difference of a nature photo (which is art) and seing nature in person?

3. Is any alteration of nature an artistic manipulation? Is the human hand on nature art? Does this help or hurt nature?

4. What would artists of old time think of tech artists of now, for instance any kind of computer art? Or the fact that a computer can actually make art?

5. What is the diffenence between nature and technology is not the universe the ultimate machine?

Art and Abstraction

1. Why did abstraction stay untouched until the early 20th century?

2. Does abstract painting have less concept?

3. Can abstraction really be broken down?

4. Has abstraction always been in the arts but only recognized and accepted in the 20th century?

5. Could graphitti be considered abstraction of words?

6. What is the difference betwwen abstraction and realism when technique is concerned?